This guy right here is one of my very best friends.  Henry and I have known each other for almost seven years. From the first time I met him we were best friends. Let me give you a little history about our friendship.  The fist time I met him he was downstairs at my church helping with our youth group, he was the youth leading at a church less than a mile away from ours.  I had been planing a mission trip to the Ukraine for a few months and for some reason the first time I met him I asked him to go with us.  I feel like it was one of those moments where we both said "Hello, yep we are best friends now".

That next year of our friendship was one of the most fun years I have ever had.  We started teaching a Bible study group called Uprising, which impacted me more than anyone will every know.  Henry was by my side with everything that went on in that group. We spent hours talking about God's glory and wondering what he had in store for us.  Some of our most fun times had to be hauling metal out of an old gully we had on the farm to earn money for our mission trip.  The loads of metal we would take should have gotten us pulled over a few times but needless to say we had a great time doing what we did.  

A few years ago, Henry came to me and said he was planning to leave his church to look for a lead pastor job. I was excited and nervous for him.  He and his lovely wife Amber had just gotten married, and were starting an amazing life together.  One Sunday morning I received a phone call from him, he told me this was the morning he was planning on leaving church. On that same Sunday our pastor resigned from our church.  At that moment I knew God was working things out.  Over the next few months Henry preached sermons at our church, he then received the head pastoral job there as well.  I knew he would do a great job, he is a man after God's own heart.  He loves people even if their own actions are unlovable.  He listens before he speaks and stays calm when most people would be very stressed.  I look at him like an older brother and ask for his help and advice in my personal and spiritual life.  

Henry is a great guy, but beside every great guy is an amazing women.  Let me just say that Henry got a girl way out of his league. God had to do some kind of miracle for Henry to get a women like Amber.  All kidding aside, Amber is a great person. She has such a kind soul and loves Henry and Carter with all of her heart. While shooting these images you could tell the love they have for one another, they laughed and smiled the entire time. She strives to help her family in all that she does.  The first time I met Amber she was very quiet, but that is to be expected when Henry and I get around, each other as sometimes things get out of hand. Amber understands our craziness and the fun that we have.  She just laughs and smiles at the things we do and get ourselves into.  I know that sometimes people only get to know the pastor of a church, and not always the pastor's wife. Amber is a sweet, kind, caring, loving and fun person.  It takes all of those to handle Henry.

Henry is my best friend for many reasons, but the main reason is he loves the Lord with all that he is.  You can see that, no matter what day it is.  He makes me want to strive to be a better person and a more Godly person.  He is always there to call me out on things or pick me up when it is needed.  He is as wide open and fun loving as I am.  When I see the way he is with his family I hope to be as good of a husband and father as he is.  

Thank you Henry Watterson


Hawk Eye

      A few weeks ago I was asked to go out and take some images of a mans hawk that is trained to hunt squirrels. Needless to say I was excited. As a young boy some of my best memories with my dad, brother, and grandfather were hunting squirrels in the woods. I had talked to this man over the past summer when he had just got this hawk and was watching another one near my house that he was interested in training as well. I was a little skeptical that he was really able to train a hawk. We received a heavy snow around the first of January, I received a call asking if I wanted to come watch his hawk do some hunting and of course I wanted to go. So the next day my brother and I meet this gentleman at a local farm, and to say the least it was very interesting to watch the hawk do its work. The hawk would fly from tree to tree looking for any slight movement at all. To watch him scan the woods made me think what it must be like to see the world that well, to see every little movement and be able to hear the slightest sounds. We spent over an hour walking through eight inches of snow up and down hill and over logs. The knowledge the man had of his hawk and to know where the hawk was going to move next was impressive.  Unfortunately on that day the hawk didn't get any squirrels, however the very next day I receive a text that this amazing hawk had killed two squirrels. Some people in our area don't care for the hawks because they kill some of their animals and I understand where they are coming from completely, but once you have seen one of these great birds up close you will truly understand how great of an animal they really are. Something to think on, if you could see the world through a hawk eyes perspective what would the world look like.

Source: hawkeye

Who makes you

I am starting a new series/ personal project.  I have thought about this for a while and wasn't sure which direction I wanted to go.  This personal project is going to be about the people who have helped make me who I am and lead me to become the person I am today.   The project is not in any certain order on who means more, it is simply to write about the people and what I am thankful for. 


The first person I want to write about is my grandmother Lola Smith, or as I called her Bambi.   She loved me unconditionally even if I drove her crazy.  I would have to say I have went over this blog post many times trying to figure out what to say about her.  I can say this, she was on of the most beautiful women to take a picture of but at the same time one of the hardest to get a picture of.  She hated having her picture taken more of the time I would get her pointer finger in my images as she said "now you know better then to take a picture of me", of course we would laugh and I would take it anyways.  I can remember sitting on her knee as a young boy and letting her scratch my back as I told her about my day while drinking her famous milkshakes. I think about all the times I would go over to her house and she wouldn't let anyone leave hungry or thirsty.   Bambi would always take the time to listen to me know matter what I had to say good or bad she just would sit there and hum a little tune while I talked.


I recall the day I went to tell her I was going to go take classes for photography.   It was a summer afternoon she was sitting at the kitchen table shelling green beans, with the warm afternoon sun coming in though the window from behind her.  After I finished telling her about my plans she looked at me and said "I'm not sure about this, but if it makes you happy then do it."   She had her concerns as most of my family did.  As long as I had her support then I knew I could do it.   While in school she was one of my most photographed people. I look back at those images and think how fortunate I was to be able to photograph her in he last years on earth. 


The reason I choose this image of my grandmother was for the smile on her face.  This is the smile I got to see almost everyday when I went to see her, it is a smile I miss everyday since she has been gone.  I loved all of my grandparents but this women held a special place in my heart.  I vividly remember the night of my grandfather's viewing, after everything was done I helped her get in the car and waited with her until someone came to drive her home.  I looked at her and she looked at me, I told her I know you miss granddaddy but I will make sure you are taken care of and I will check on you each day, she said "I know you will Spenc I know you will".  Lola Smith passed away December 4, 2015, she left behind a wonderful legacy of love and kindness toward other that people should strive for.  I am so thankful for her, I know without a doubt she has helped mold me into the person I am today. Her famous sayings were,

  • "Always treat people the way you want to be treated especially when no one is looking, God is always watching."
  • "Don't be anywhere you wouldn't want God to find you when he comes back."  
  •  "Nothing good happens after 11pm".  

Personal Shoots

Most of the time people think that photography is all about the the fun stuff such as cameras, lights, computers, models, and the few hours of work. While these are the fun parts of the job there is so much more that goes into it. Let's look at the image below for starters. This was a personal shoot I did a few months ago.  It looks simple, like just some random guy in some random building with some cool lighting. Well what you don't see in this image is the hours of communication between the model and I over a few weeks before this image was taken trying to figure out when we both had time to shoot, as well as the location scouting for the perfect place and the perfect timing of this image to make sure the light looks amazing. Even though it might have been a personal shoot, I wanted to make sure it was great.  I think it is very important to shoot for me and me only at times. As for me, and I would assume other photographers, we sometimes get caught up in the shoots, the meetings, the editing, and the all around busy life of being a photographer. That is ok because when people ask why I am a photographer I tell them simply, "I do this because no matter how bad of a day it might be I still get to wake up and thank God that I get to do what I love for a living". So I want to encourage anyone who is thinking about wanting to take more pictures, go out and shoot; shoot as much as you can because it will only make you better in the long run. Learn as much as you can and talk to anyone who will give you helpful advice. I constantly think, I have one life to live and I am going to make sure when I look back, it makes me smile.


The reason this image is one of my favorites from the shoot is because of the look and feel of it.  I love the light in the image and the fact that it is in black and white.  The light in the image was simple, it was natural light, most of the time I like to use flash but this image didn't need it. I turned this image to black and white because it will draw your attention to the person and feel of the image, then you will start to look around the image, at the lighting and the teaxture of the wall behind him.  Once people do that, my goal is then for them to look back at the subject and wonder what he is thinking.  Coty is a very interesting guy.  He has traveled all over the United States and has such a great story.  So next time you look at an image really take the time and think how much effort went into the image and think what the story is behind it.   

Source: http://personal shoots

Drew and Beth Wedding

So, this past Saturday we had the pleasure of shooting a wedding for Drew and Beth at Reeds Baptist Church. I have known Beth and Drew for years and when they asked Melissa and I to shoot their wedding... of course we said yes. Over the past years that I have seen Beth and Drew together I just knew the two of them were meant to be together forever, they truly are each other's best friend. I am so happy for both of you and know that the two of you will do great things.

Childress Vineyards, Lexington NC Wedding Photography


Sometimes we book a wedding a year in advance, even two years in advance. But sometimes we connect with a Bride and Groom just weeks before their wedding. Such is the case for Helen and Wojtek.... and our experience with them was amazing. 

Melissa and I have worked on so many weddings together, but we remember each one. They become little pieces of the puzzle that makes up our photography world. So many times we will think back and laugh about a groomsmen's toasts, or other fun moments from the wedding. We remember with compassion the father daughter dances that turn into tears, and we think about the "last photographs" of grandparents who hung on just to see their grandchild walk down the isle. When you hire a wedding photographer, you aren't just hiring someone with a camera. Instead you are hiring a professional that will preserve your memories and hand them to you in the form of photographs. 

Through the years we have been blessed to witness the coming together of so many sweet souls. This was a perfect wedding to end the year. Helen and Wojtek.....THANK YOU!!!! Your images will be ready for pick up next week.

Spencer Reudelhuber & Melissa Sheets 


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